CosmicPvP Presents

The Destroyed Outpost

The Destroyed Outpost /dungeon is the continuation of the Abandoned Spaceship storyline. In this epic rendition of Cosmic lore, you and your fellow Cosmonaut will travel down to the Destroyed Outpost of the planet the Abandoned Spaceship was orbiting.

"With the ship’s teleportation matrix solved, the Mother of Yijki’s source location has been traced. There is a rift into its dimension at the core of this destroyed mining outpost."

You have been chosen to lead the assault onto the hostile planet to rid the Cosmoverse of this demonic entity of destruction.

Once again, the fate of the Cosmoverse is in your hands.

Heroic Armor

Heroic Armor will initially be available exclusively as a drop from the new Destroyed Outpost dungeon.

Heroic Armor has better base stats than Diamond Armor:

Heroic Armor appears in-game as red-dyed leather armor, but is superior to diamond in every way. A godset built on Heroic Armor will always surpass a godset built on diamond armor.

The Apocalypse

In the far distant corners of an isolated galaxy, a new world has been discovered, a doomed world of times past, The Apocalypse.

This new planet will be released on June 26th, 3pm CST, immediately after the new /dungeon is activated on all other planets.

We anticipate slots on this planet to be in high-demand on release, so for the first time ever we are allowing players to pre-buy premium ranks!

Alien Implants

Automatically heal 2x the HP of normal Implants at 2x the rate, and at max level all hunger loss is disabled.

Ethereal Dodge

Increased proc rate over normal Dodge, with a small chance to gain Speed V for a few seconds on successful dodge. All fall damage is disabled.

Paladin Armored

The first stackable heroic enchantment. Negates 150% more enemy sword damage than normal Armored per level. A chance to be Blessed every time you are struck by an enemy sword.

Demonic Lifesteal

Heals much more HP at a greatly increased rate compared to normal Lifesteal.

Heroic Black Scroll

The only type of black scroll that has a chance to extract heroic enchantments from armor.

Dimensional Traveler

To compliment the release of Heroic Armor, we are also releasing this Destroyed Outpost /dungeon exclusive drop: the Dimensional Traveler armor set.

Featuring all the latest Heroic Enchantments and OP enchantment combinations, a set bonus of +30% outgoing damage and the new passive ability “Dimensional Shift”, this set will be nearly unstoppable in traditional combat settings.

Update coming in...